viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

20 things I hate and like about facebook

One time I got ask to be friends with a member of my friends famile.
people found out things.
people post ugly pictures of you.
invitations to random parties
people post things that are to private. That we don't want to know.
people start a conversation in your picture coments.
notifications that someone comented.
people puttig they like the status just because they dont know what to put.
when the messages from the chat does not appear.
parents being on facebook and asking you tobe there friends.
having radom people comenting pictures where you are tag.
stupid coments
being taged when you are not in the picture
being invited into groups
knowing about relationship status.
its adictive
unknown people ading you
creativing more gossip in school because of facebook.
people that wast so much time creating and playing on facebook.
become a fan application
people insulting people publicly
people that put worried statuses.
the suggested friend bar.

You find friends
you find old friends
you share pictures with people you have not seen for a long time.
share music
Being in contact with people.
getting to known your future classmates.
its fun
you have all the news of what has happened.
birthday reminders.
events invitation
funny videosinbox is easy and people answer.
see the picture and know what happend at events you did not go to.
you care save in your computer pictures that other people took.
easy to use
everybody has facebook
you are informed of causes.
find useful information
talking to your friends that are in the other side ofthe world
being able to organize things.

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

The earth

Forest destruction, is the major problems of the world right now because this is something that bring other problems. Those problems are air pollution, extreme weathers, and species extinction. Deforestation also causes sometime air pollution because of the burning of the trees. They say that “2 billion people worldwide who rely on fuelwood for cooking and heating are overcutting forests'.”

Deforestation is a serious problem that could be solved very easily. Like it said in an article “One and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries.” That is a lot of acres in little time. Deforestation is caused by industries that but there factories there, production of wood, fires and agricultural. Those are all causes that the human have created. Not only we are loosing the trees and resources we are loosing the animals that were living in the destroyed areas. The forest brings to our environment clean air. The deforestation has caused more air pollution.

The people should be informed of what they are causing to the planet. People should not cut excessive tress to burn it. People should be careful when they do a fire to put it out, so it does not burn the whole forest. We as human do a lot of damage that later on we will pay.

We have started to do things to try to help deforestation like creating National parks Also we have created awareness. The deforestation is not only affecting the trees but also the animals, the environment and climate.

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

comercial project

The project I liked the most was Marifer`s video because it made a point and it made you reflect about something that is happening. It had good music and the combination of photos and videos. I also like the idea of having catch phrases that made the point. I would have put some kind of narration. The video I did not like was the ones who did not have the format of a commercial or where too long. For me a commercial is 30 to 1:30 seconds. I liked my project because it had all the elements that where ask. It had good image and music and it made people think. If I had more time I would have put a part of You tube video.

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

New Technology

When I was watching the video I could not relieve it. It was incredible and I was surprise. I think it brings everything together. It brings your technology to the real world things. I would love one of these because it would make life much easier. You only need that electronic object to do all of your things. It would make everything go to the same place. People would be more organize. You could make pictures when you desire.

The greatest thing about his technology is that it brings all of the technologies together. It makes you freer of different things. To do things you will not have to have twenty different things. The greatest limitation is that we are going to become more depended on the technology. We should get away from the technology not get depended on it. Also we will not be in front of a computer but we are going to be all the time in front of this new object.

Open source is the information of doing things, like the instructions. The good thing about open source is that everybody has access to it. The bad things about it is that you don’t known how is use it and for what.

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010


I liked the commercial, they are great and they make their point clear. They sell the product and make you think about it. The safety video is funny and it makes its point clear. Here is the link of a commercial I found and I think it’s a good commercial. It makes a point about the car being sound proof. But if you think about it does not really tell us if the car is good or what features it has.

In my commercial I am going to use music effects and features that attract people attention. Those features can be color, the surprise effect and sound. I want to be a funny commercial but that proves a point and that you really get something out of it. I am going to face challenges like putting the music on the background and that it is funny but at the same time has an opinion. I also going to face the challenge that I don’t want to be in the video so I don’t known who is going to allowed me to video tape them.

miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

“Parents sue school for role in 'sexting' tragedy

The article we read which was called “Parents sue school for role in 'sexting' tragedy is very sad. The worst part is thinking that the girl was our age. I could happen to any girls at our school or community. This article teaches us that we should not send picture of our self to anybody, no matter what. We never know where the pictures you send are going to end up. The worst part of the whole story is that she tried to look for help but nobody did anything about it. She went to the councilor and the only thing he did is tell the kids to delete all the pictures.

The school had the responsibility to reported to the police or do something about it. But its not the school fault that she committed suicide. The school is responsible for what goes on inside not what goes on outside. The school should have done something like inform the parents or punished the kids that send it. The parents should not sue the school. Its like if the school sues the parents because it was also the parent’s responsibility to see that something was going on with their daughter. I think that the parents instead of fighting to sue the school, why don’t they take their story to other high schools so it does not happen to other kids.

lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009


I read the new security measure that Facebok implemented and I understand that we have the option of controlling what people can see and how much information we want to choose. They made this security so that people realize that all the information you put in Facebook is seen by everybody and that we have to be careful what we show. They are given an option to make our information better protected. This measure were made because Facebook started having problems that people use it for illegal things. Also people started making lawsuits. They made that measure to protect themselves from lawsuits. I think they are good but people if they don’t want to block some of their things it’s not going to change. You still can see each others age, sex and etc without restriction. The measures are going to make people more conscious of what they are putting on the web. It would not affect the way I use Facebook. The only thing that I change is that I checked the privacy mode of each thing. Change it so the information in my Facebook was more private.

There are some rumors that people are posting videos and other things about the school. I think that everything that happens outside of school is not the school problem. I think that the post of the quotes if it did not have the log and the picture of the director it would be corrected and in our right to do this. I think that we are free to do what we want to an extend. We have the right to post things if it does no have the log. I think it was wrong to put the logo of the school in the quotes. The quotes were not harmful. The school should face it and ask who did the quotes and explain to the school what is correct. But the school should not make it a big deal. The school should explain what is correct to do with does post and they should explain why its not correct to post the videos. I have not seen the video but I believe what happens outside is not the school problem. I still believe that posting videos of teachers is wrong and maybe the school can protect themselves from that.