viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

20 things I hate and like about facebook

One time I got ask to be friends with a member of my friends famile.
people found out things.
people post ugly pictures of you.
invitations to random parties
people post things that are to private. That we don't want to know.
people start a conversation in your picture coments.
notifications that someone comented.
people puttig they like the status just because they dont know what to put.
when the messages from the chat does not appear.
parents being on facebook and asking you tobe there friends.
having radom people comenting pictures where you are tag.
stupid coments
being taged when you are not in the picture
being invited into groups
knowing about relationship status.
its adictive
unknown people ading you
creativing more gossip in school because of facebook.
people that wast so much time creating and playing on facebook.
become a fan application
people insulting people publicly
people that put worried statuses.
the suggested friend bar.

You find friends
you find old friends
you share pictures with people you have not seen for a long time.
share music
Being in contact with people.
getting to known your future classmates.
its fun
you have all the news of what has happened.
birthday reminders.
events invitation
funny videosinbox is easy and people answer.
see the picture and know what happend at events you did not go to.
you care save in your computer pictures that other people took.
easy to use
everybody has facebook
you are informed of causes.
find useful information
talking to your friends that are in the other side ofthe world
being able to organize things.

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